Best-in-Class Turf Treatment
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Any Type of Treatment
for Any Type of Environment

Use Agri-Inject golf and turf products with an existing irrigation system for cost-effective, reliable, uniform and convenient application of virtually any product for any type of environment.

Water pH enhancement for golf courses

Water pH Enhancement

Injection is an environmentally friendly, economical way to control your water's pH. Using Agri-Inject products with your existing irrigation to treat your water is a more effective way to get uniformly green grass without increased cost.

Pipe maintenance through irrigation

Pipe Maintenance & Pest Management

You can use Agri-Inject products with pipe maintenance treatments like potassium permanganate to keep the irrigation system free of algae and other organic material to extend the life of your irrigation system.


Use Agri-Inject products with existing irrigation systems to provide more uniform and complete overseeding coverage than any other method.

Mineral Issues

Every course ecosystem is different, and Agri-Inject products can handle virtually any type of treatment to address mineral composition issues in the water used to irrigate golf courses in any region.

Soil Issues

Adding treatment to water via injection in existing irrigation to improve soil quality is more convenient and cost effective than using a ground sprayer, which requires shutting off the irrigation system to apply product.


Treat all areas of a golf course or field uniformly and conveniently using Agri-Inject with existing irrigation to help avoid hot-spots and help take the ground from brown to green and from soil to turf faster and more effectively.

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