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At Agri-Inject®, Inc. we strive to promote the safe and efficient use of fluid injection technologies. We believe that quality equipment and proper management are the keys to successful fluid injection such as chemigation and fertigation. The proper and safe use of the injection process will benefit your operation and provide for an economical, efficient, environmentally friendly method of chemical application.

Users of fluid injection practices should be aware that there are numerous laws, rules and regulations that may restrict their fluid injection activities. We strongly recommend that users familiarize themselves with all pertinent laws, rules and regulations that may affect fluid injection (chemigation and fertigation) before using the process. Users should also be aware of chemical label requirements regardless of the type of chemical product intended for use.

Users should always read the chemical label before utilizing any chemical product in the chemigation process.

Note: Agri-Inject makes no guarantee that the following links are completely up-to-date. Please check with federal authorities to confirm accuracy.

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