Why Fluid Injection?

Why Should You Add an Agri-Inject® System to Your Operation?

Agri-Inject is the leader in quality chemigation and fluid application technology since 1983. We specialize in manufacturing chemical injection and fluid application solutions for agricultural, industrial and municipal use.


Perfectly in Sync with Precision

Agri-Inject is all about precision — applying the precise amount of soil and water amendments and fertilizers conveniently during the season during the season. That’s a sound strategy for ensuring turf health all season long.


Reduced Chemical Costs

With Agri-Inject, you can apply less product through the irrigation system, without the overlap inherent in ground sprayers.  



Versatility & Flexibility

Agri-Inject systems are available for a wide variety of applications from water pH enhancement, to overseeding, to pipe maintenance and pest management.

Improved Effectiveness of Inputs

Many fertilizer injection products have been proven to be more effective when applied through irrigation.


Simple, Easy Calibration

You don’t need an engineering degree to operate an Agri-Inject system. Calibration is easy, accurate, intuitive and repeatable.


Reduced Labor and Equipment Cost

By applying product through irrigation, you save wear and tear on ground sprayers and reduce labor expense.


More Timely Than a Ground Sprayer

You can apply what your turf needs, when it needs it — and at a lower cost. Unlike a ground sprayer, you can apply product at night during the irrigation cycle when there are no golfers on the course.  


Uniform Coverage

With an Agri-Inject system, you get complete and uniform coverage across your entire course. No hot spots, no problem areas. If it’s getting water, it’s getting product dispersed evenly and completely.


Improved Safety

Handling of chemicals is greatly reduced with an Agri-Inject system, so operator exposure is minimized and the chance for spills is diminished.


Cost Savings & Better Economics

Using an Agri-Inject system results in reduced cost, reduce labor need, increased chemical effectiveness.


Outstanding Services & Support

Agri-Inject is known far and wide for its responsive service and technical support. We work closely with you and your authorized Agri-Inject dealer to address any concerns, questions or warranty issues. When you’re irrigating, you can’t afford to wait for answers. We get that.